Cost Matrix

Soft Costs

Soft CostsSchedulesGross Land AreaOffice T.I.'sIndustrial / R&DRetail ProjectsMulti-StorySingle-Story

Description Notes
Land Costs: ---
Title, Insurance, Closing Cost: Estimate at 5% of land purchase amount.
Property Taxes: Estimate at 1% per year of land purchase amount.
Design Fees:

Estimate at 4.00 to 6.00 p.s.f.;

Architectural, Structural, Civil Engineering, Landscape, M.E.P's

Special Design Fees: Soils report, traffic studies, environmental/wetland studies, lot split / abandonment costs, off-site improvement design fees
Governmental / Permit Fees: Varies depending on jurisdiction; 5.00 to 25.00 p.s.f.
Infrastructure Fees: Electrical, gas, water, storm drain fees
Management Fee: Varies depending on extent of project management
Commisions Land: ---
Commisions T.I.'s: ---
Commisions Sale of Building: ---
Lean Cost (Pt. & Fees): Estimate loan amount times .006
Builders Risk Insurance: ---
Legal Fees: Total project cost times .0005
Accounting Fees: Total project costs times .002
Interest Carry on Land: ---
Interest Carry on Shell Construction: Construction loan amount times 60% of shell construction time period
Interest Carry, Lease Up: 6 months to 1 year of lease up period
Contingency: Typically, your lender would like to see a contingency equal to 5% of hard costs.
Note: Surveying, special inspections, erosion control, and SWPPS are considered hard cost items, but are items frequently carried by the owner / developer in lieu of the general contractor.
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